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100% Green Coffee Bean Extract as seen on TV.

Green Coffee Bean Extract covers how green coffee bean extracts help aid weight loss efforts. Aimmed at setting the truth straight, proceed with an open-mind as we discuss and weight loss and green coffee supplements.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Forget the acai berry! Till date, no study has been conducted to prove its weight loss properties. The results of the experiments conducted on the compound are inconclusive at best. Green coffee beans could be the newest weight-loss fad as research has found that the bean extract may help people lose weight.

Green coffee extract widely sold as a supplement in the U.S. has been deemed an effective weight-loss food by Joe Vinson, a chemist at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania. According to Mr. Vinson, taking multiple capsules of pure green coffee extract a day while maintaining a low fat and healthy diet and exercising regularly appears to be a safe, effective and relatively inexpensive way to lose weight.

In the study presented to the American Chemical Society in San Diego, Mr. Vinson’s researchers gave 1,050 milligrams of pure green coffee bean extract to 16 obese adults, all in their twenties. The researchers kept a close eye on the participants’ diet, heart rate, exercise regime, weight and blood pressure over a period of time that expanded 22 weeks. The human guinea pigs shed an average of 17 pounds each working out to be about 10.5% of the group’s overall body weight. The researchers suggested that the reason why the green coffee bean extract works for weight loss is because of a compound found in green coffee beans known as chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee bean extract – The answer to win the battle against the bulge?

Coffee may be the lifeblood that keeps most workplaces humming but according to recent studies, scientific evidence suggests that the drink's unroasted beans might also hold the key to cheap and effective weight loss. Before you jump to conclusion here, it's not the caffeine in green coffee beans that produces weight loss. As a matter of fact, the extract used in the study of the new supplement contained roughly the same amount of caffeine as a half cup of coffee. The difference lies in the natural substance called chlorogenic acid, which is lost when coffee beans are roasted.

The significance of the new study on the weight loss properties of coffee beans is massive. For a start, coffee beans are cheap and with over 35%of Americans qualifying as obese, it may prove to be a powerful tool. At about $20 per month, green coffee extract is also much less expensive than any of the weight-loss medications available over the counter or by prescription. The study on the effect of green coffee bean extract on weightloss is certainly a provocative study.


Green coffee bean extract – How does it work?

The reason for the effect of green coffee beans on weight loss lies in a compound present in unroasted and raw coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. Basically, what this compound does is it tells your liver to stop absorbing fat while accelerating your metabolism. But why can’t you just consume green coffee in its raw form? Why does it have to be in the form of a supplement that you buy? The simple answer to this would be that pure green coffee beans are bitter and while Dr. Oz does say that when it comes to weight loss the more bitter the better, if you were to roast these beans, you would lose the chlorogenic acids. This is technically why if you need to lose weight and you want to try the new sensation as far as the weight loss industry is concerned, a supplement form of pure green coffee bean extract is your only option.

Fortunately for us people who have quite a few pounds to shed, weight loss products based on the weight loss properties of green coffee beans are less expensive than most of the other weight loss supplements that became popular in the past. The difference this time is that in the case of green coffee bean extract, you are not being made an empty promise. Sufficient scientific evidence suggests that green coffee beans are indeed beneficial for successful weight loss and for your overall health status as well.

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Choosing the right green coffee bean extract supplement

Ever since the study carried out at the University of Scranton made the news and Dr. Oz reviewed the weight loss effects of green coffee beans on his show green coffee bean extract supplements have sprung all over the Internet like wild mushrooms. The key is to know which one of these supplements actually works. Ideally, you need a supplement with no fillers delivering to you approximately 100mg of pure green coffee bean extract per pill. To achieve the full effect of this new weight loss ingredient, you want the purest of the pure, the best and 100% pure green coffee bean extract. Do not settle for anything else!

Note at this point that using a green coffee bean extract product alone will not produce significant weight loss. Whichever supplement you end up picking has to be accompanied by a healthy diet and an exercise regimen. Time and again, you’ve probably seen that there is no such thing as miraculous, easy or effortless weight loss. Sure a diet supplement can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster but that’s as far as it goes.

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