Sunday, February 3, 2013

$$$ : Green Coffee 800 - Original weight loss green slimming ...

GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT 800 mg Highest Quality Ingredients, No Fillers, 50% Cholorogenic Acid   Several months ago, when we began to see the incredible studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract and its positive effect on blood sugar levels and weight loss, we decided to offer a product that used the highest quality raw materials at a dosage that was most effective and was affordable for our customers. We partnered with Bio Nutrition to supply 800 mg Pure Green Coffee Bean with antioxidants and standardized to 50% Cholorgenic Acid. 6 months and 1000s of satisfied customers later, we are even more excited about this remarkable ingredient. We love hearing the success stories from our customers that have tried other products without success.   Why we decided not to use trademark raw materials There is a rumor circulating that there are only 1 or 2 green coffee extracts that are effective. This is just not the case. While these trademark ingredients are fine products, they may only provide 45% cholorgenic acid and are very expensive. Our product is standardized to 50% cholorgenic acid, the ingredient in green coffee that is responsible for its effectiveness. Each batch is tested to ensure that it meets this standard. Our product also provides a high enough dosage (800 mg per capsule) to be most effective as studies show that higher dosages yield the best results. Because of the higher dosage, you only need to take it twice a day. 1000 of satisfied customers and high reorder rates over 6 months of use.  

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